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Dear Customers

In the early 90s, I happened to witness an accident. It was too pitiful to watch that because the accident could have been prevented. Having recognized the importance of disaster prevention since then, I founded ShingHeung S.P, the predecessor of S-top Co.,Ltd, in 1999, and have been manufacturing Safety Helmets, Safety Belts, Safety Harnesses that are most widely used among 11 protective gears that are subject to testing. Our company has never failed the test performed by KOSHA (Korea Occupational
Safety and Health Agency) unawares. In addition, our company has been registered with KOSHA as a specialized safety equipment manufacturer in Aug 2005 as our manufacturing manpower, production facilities and company quality assurance system were certified, establishing our company as a reliable company. As a result of our efforts to ensure the fundamental safety from the design and manufacturing process, our company acquired S Mark Certification for all products in Mar 2006.

Having received Prime Minister's Award of Industrial Accident Prevention Merit in 2008, we started exporting our products to Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and so on. To become a global company, we, S-top Co.,Ltd, are forcing ourselves to acquire CE / ANSI Certificate.
Safety equipment, literally, aims at prevention. The employees of S-top Co.,Ltd will endeavor to prevent industrial disasters thorugh continuous R&D activities for manufacturing the best quality safety equipment that the customers in the industrial / construction sector are looking for.

Thank you.

Jungsoo Lee, CEO of S-top Co.,Ltd.